Friday, December 4, 2020

Antidote - Dec 4, 2020


The sun just sat down and I’m about to lose my disguise

You go along... you trust me, and close your eyes

I stare at the moon before taking a deep breath

Then pause for a moment as the leaves flicker stars

I step back on the beach to gaze at your silhouette

The night wore its dress and the sky, your veins lit

The summer breeze carried through the forest your scent

My shadow dropped, my mind lost to my instinct

My heart continued to protest but my body consents 

I could see, as my eyes turned red, flying bats gloat

Torn from within between love bites and deep throat

Teased with body wishes and dripping fangs

Battling with flesh desires and immortals’ antidote!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ginger - January 23rd, 2020


Didn’t take pictures that day
Wish my camera could speak
These are memories I remember

She had long red hair
Freckle kisses on the cheeks
Tanned rose in gold and umber

Beauty mark on her lip
Behind her eyelids I saw the beach
And lashes that made waves surrender

She summoned a horse
Rode nude the tides unleashed
This was back in December !