Sunday, February 4, 2018

Woman of Steel - December 27th, 1995

Here she comes
Beautiful as she used to be
Dancing slowly
Jamming her tears
Sparkling diamonds
And her perfume fills the atmosphere

-Have a seat.
-Thank you my dear.
-No, Vodka if you please.
-It was a mistake.
-I believe so my dear.
-You are my lady, she means nothing to me.
-Oh… how sweet!
-Forgive me.
-It's over my dear.

Lighting her cigarette
Drinking so weird
Sparkling diamonds
Or is it the drops of my tears?!!

No more words
Not even a tear
Didn't look back
She left
She's a woman of steel
She's dancing like a queen
With pride & dignity
I can see her crying
Without dropping a tear
Oh, what a woman made of steel..!
Slaughtered with no blood seen

Let the music play!
I shouted, dancing to my queen
Let the rhythms take control, of our body & soul
Keep on dancing, until we sweat
Keep on dancing, until we fade away  (space)
We danced like never before
Kissing & loving on the floor
For an hour or maybe more

She's bleeding..!
Her blood is on the floor..!            (space)
-Oh… My love… I'll get a doctor…
-Too late, it's been an hour or more…
-Hold me… Kiss me… Like never before...
-You are bleeding..!

-It's… my… body, but you are my soul..!

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