Sunday, February 4, 2018

San Francisco - July 22, 2011

Should’ve ‘d… but my soul called it a day
Tight jeans, low-cut shirts, see-throughs and perfume on trail
High heels, bloody lipstick, blondes and dark long hair
Could’ve ‘d… but my heart plead to stay
Angelic smiles, devilish blinks, animal instinct and demons avail
Unplugged music, unleashed desires and breaths flaming the air
Would’ve ‘d… but my body fell like a prey
Dirty dancing, naughty flirting and the cruising was just insane
Touches that grip, kisses that bite and pheromones tare and ware 
Whatever… but my mind decided to play
Seduction games, a web of sins and a trophy in vain
Men check-in their hats, surrender to climax and checkout in underwear!

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