Sunday, February 4, 2018

Persia - August 28, 2011

She’s a woman with no shadow
A vampire with a heart up her sleeve
More like an empress, a queen pharaoh
A forbidden fruit in the hands of Eve!

We first met at the door
She said hi my name is Persia
Next thing I was handcuffed on the floor
She must be the devil or vice versa

She cracked her whip, started to dance
A night too wild and so erotic
My mind went missing into a trance
Oh her lips were prescription narcotic

I saw girls kissing; “what’s the name of this club?”
She spoke behind a mask, this is Babylon
“Why men are in uniforms in a whirl tub?”
She whispered don’t ask, don’t tell hon!

I must have had too much
No I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs
I’m talking about her lingering touch
Lashing love bites and sadistic hugs

Can’t find my keys, where is my phone?
I feel the earth move, but I’ll be ok
I can’t take my breath, what’s going on?
“Are you real cops? Or are you here to play?”

Listen to the people screaming
She’s a twist of explicit terror
This is real, I can’t be dreaming
She has no reflection in the mirror!

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