Sunday, February 4, 2018

Our Dreams - November 28th, 1994

I wonder about the dreams we were building
Our future schemes we may tomorrow live in
You found a new world & you wanna taste it
But that world can turn cold & you better face it

I won't ever forgive you on the day
When you turn your back & walk away
You'll spoil my life 'til the last day
Promise me you won't ever sail away

I'd give everything I own
Just to have you beside me all alone

You are chained in my heart to never die
Don't push me away to fall down or to cry
You taught me how to laugh and how to smile
How to wave to my painful tears good-bye

Let's build our dreams step by step together
We'll live in everlasting happiness forever
Let's enjoy today before sunset

And dry our past tears before it becomes wet

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