Sunday, February 4, 2018

Love Story - June 8th, 2008

My friends tell me she was trouble
She was too young for a man with a son
They even say my feelings for her are a bubble
I try to answer but I choose to run
It all started in a hot afternoon
I was captured by her blue eyes
In one I swear I could frame the moon
and in the other I just saw the sunrise
She walks nude down the beach
The summer breeze comes for a cuddle
Desperately the sea tries to reach
She rides her horse away without a saddle
She sets the fashion with her style
She pushes the boundaries so wild
Then she turns around with a smile
and makes me feel loved like a child 

All went well until heaven came down in tears
I broke her heart but I had to set myself free
I chose a love story to live through us for years
over marriage that may spoil such memory !!!

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