Sunday, February 4, 2018

Champagne - April 30th, 2008

We briefly met
I know
But after we left
Nothing was the same

My stomach hurts yet I do not complain
I’m afraid I have a crush on "Champagne"

No my heart is not guilty
It is not even with me
You took it
Your eyes are to blame

You must be saying that man is insane
I resist a forbidden fruit I can obtain

Forgive me
I had to run
You’re stunning
Your beauty no artist could frame

You say nothing ventured nothing gained
I rather lose you than to love in vain

I worry
I’m undone
I shall keep running
Such body only Greek gods could claim

I'm a man with a passion you attain
I surrender my desires for you to contain

Let me be the wine you sip
The shade of your eyelids
Then crucify me on your chest

I’m already on fire and you’re the flame

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