Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Piano - Feb 6, 2018


I see you...
tapping your keys at the beach
pulling my strings with every stroke
as the waves sneak to your feet... to fiddle 

I hear you...
quavering melodies to the wind
drifting my emotions with a cork
as my bottled message anchors... a paddle 

I need you...
conducting my breath at the podium 
orchestrating dawn through fog
as the ink sheds on your lid... a fallen feather.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

SCREAM - Feb 1, 2014

It’s the agony of the soul
 when the heart breaks and bleeds
 when the eyes moan and weep

 as the mind shuts in disbelief!

Three Words - August 9th, 2013

I love you
Three words I repeat to cheer up my sorrow
I love you
And I miss you like there is no tomorrow!

All at Once - August 8th, 2013

It’s not about the charm you still uphold
Nor about the words you keep untold
It’s how my desire remains unfulfilled
Torn between to look in your eyes,
to kiss your lips
and to hug you tight
…all at once, instilled!

Poetry - August 7th, 2013

Instincts unleashed,
Desires that wink,
Emotions unmasked,
Or just fantasies in ink!

Wrecked - August 6th, 2013

As our lips turn cold
and our arms unfold
I attend to my wounds
and wonder
if I should abandon the ship
or sail back to port!

Life Unmasked - August 6th, 2013

An animal with jaws and claws
The game is not to cut it loose
The aim is not to get it close
Cunning stunning, inside it grows
Desires, passions, obsessions and woes
Fantasies, daydreams and wet clothes
Shame, guilt or fear shows
Hush, don’t look or touch are laws
Sins, taboos, forbidden and because…
A silent tear to pause
A muffled scream to oppose
The mouth is meant to hold a rose!

Death Unmasked - August 6th, 2013

Could it be poetic?
Could it be a love story to begin?
A tortured heart at the other side pulling in?
Could it be erotic?
Could it be a soulmate to uncoil?
Or just a sinful body blending with soil?
What if it was historic?
What if we wasted another chance?
Hence deja vu was the past in a glance!

Coma - August 3rd, 2013

It’s the state in which
my mind give up to pain
while my heart continues to beat in lame
and my soul grasps on tangled breaths of hope
that our eyes shall meet in time again!

Lover - August 2nd, 2013

How could I sleep
 knowing you’re in bed
…with another

How could I complain
 knowing you’re married

…and I’m just a lover!

I C U - August 1st, 2013

I feel your presence at every corner
 but I only get to see you

 when I close my eyes

Everything - June 23, 2013

To the world you’re charming, talented, bright and fun.
To me you’re worth everything under God’s sun.
Let my whole life go crazy and go wrong.
You’d still remain the only right thing,
what makes sense to me,
my absent sanity,
my son
my own.

Theaters - June 7th, 2013

In the life of fantasies
I imagine the colors
I paint on canvas
The frames sometimes fit
and at times come in between
In the world of illusions
I dare to dream
I write new memories
The quills hold no ink
as fate awaits to intervene 
In the cycle of delusions
I hold on to ghosts
I breathe into their shadows
The storyline could only be a hit
with the cutting room deleted scenes

Philosophy - March 29th, 2013

What if time is a line we tangle?
What if I bring the ends closer?
Let fantasy meet reality!
What if life is a chapter to be continued?
What if I write a dream to begin?
Death is a replay button!
What if Déjà Vu is a flashback?
What if I play my heart then hit undo?
There’s no escape, it’s a rerun!
What if sin is a scar?
What if I reach for the skies?
I’ll be redeemed and my soul forgiven!

Persia - August 28, 2011

She’s a woman with no shadow
A vampire with a heart up her sleeve
More like an empress, a queen pharaoh
A forbidden fruit in the hands of Eve!

We first met at the door
She said hi my name is Persia
Next thing I was handcuffed on the floor
She must be the devil or vice versa

She cracked her whip, started to dance
A night too wild and so erotic
My mind went missing into a trance
Oh her lips were prescription narcotic

I saw girls kissing; “what’s the name of this club?”
She spoke behind a mask, this is Babylon
“Why men are in uniforms in a whirl tub?”
She whispered don’t ask, don’t tell hon!

I must have had too much
No I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs
I’m talking about her lingering touch
Lashing love bites and sadistic hugs

Can’t find my keys, where is my phone?
I feel the earth move, but I’ll be ok
I can’t take my breath, what’s going on?
“Are you real cops? Or are you here to play?”

Listen to the people screaming
She’s a twist of explicit terror
This is real, I can’t be dreaming
She has no reflection in the mirror!

San Francisco - July 22, 2011

Should’ve ‘d… but my soul called it a day
Tight jeans, low-cut shirts, see-throughs and perfume on trail
High heels, bloody lipstick, blondes and dark long hair
Could’ve ‘d… but my heart plead to stay
Angelic smiles, devilish blinks, animal instinct and demons avail
Unplugged music, unleashed desires and breaths flaming the air
Would’ve ‘d… but my body fell like a prey
Dirty dancing, naughty flirting and the cruising was just insane
Touches that grip, kisses that bite and pheromones tare and ware 
Whatever… but my mind decided to play
Seduction games, a web of sins and a trophy in vain
Men check-in their hats, surrender to climax and checkout in underwear!

Plea ! - January 23rd, 2009

They say you‘re gone
and I need to move on!
I respond with a smile
for I still feel your presence
when we hug before dawn!
I see you next to me in bed
Sometimes we even kiss
just like the old days
Though I know you left
still it feels like you exist!
Have mercy
for the fire within
melts the heart of steel!
Still you’re tough;
refuse to come back & yield!

Love ! - January 23rd, 2009

I wanted to send her with the night breeze a flying kiss,
but I felt jealous…
So I saved it until our lips meet!
You must be saying to yourself: “God, he is crazy!”
But I am not… I’m simply in love!
There is a thin line between love and insanity
When we first met I was at that line
Now I am lost at the edge of infinity
My feelings for her are beyond love,
beyond reason, beyond mathematics & science
Simply, my love for her defies eternity
I may’ve told her “I love you” 1000s of times
Still… every time I say it
it feels so wonderful just like the very 1st time!
I went to sleep and found my bed sighing & my pillow wet.
I looked around and to my room I said:
“I know you miss her, you must’ve loved her too!”

Ultimate Sin ! - January 23rd, 2009

Just when I thought our love was so perfect
I learned you actually never existed!
You wanted me to be your first
I wanted you to be my last
Now I know I was just a number
followed a reset and still counting fast!
You taught a man how to kiss.
I taught you how to love.
you were never mine to begin with!

I used to hug my pillow and dream of you.
Now I bite the bullet but wish it got through!

Mortality ! - Jan 23rd, 2009

Life is like a long journey on a train
with one stop
…that is when it surprisingly ends !
Immortals we who live
Born to worship then relive
the afterlife herewith
Heaven and hell are no myth
We’ll know once away we give
in time our last breath

Everyday could be the day of one’s death
If not,
then it got closer by another step !

Dark Room - Nov 8th, 2008

Surrounded by men, got stripped
In a bath, on a bench got wet
Strange hands, my body met
In a place so-called; crypt
In sheer cloth, pure white
Head-to-toe, a wrap was tied
Couldn’t resist, must’ve tried
All stood still, some cried
Final words, they sigh and pray
Had no choice, had no say
All left, my turn was to stay
A sand bed buried me away


Canvas - Oct 15th, 2008

I lie nude caressing the lake
in a boat with shadows awake
Aroused by breaths of the night
the sky begins to dim its light
The clouds cuddle me in a mist
as the moon jealously persist
Untamed desires call my name
at a harbor burning a flame
Love comes in rain drops for a kiss
flooding passions from the abyss
Veils of memories sail away
with pearls and secrets held at bay

A piano keynote lets me be
A whispering flute sets me free
I do not know which way is home
I soar uphill where wild hearts roam

Gisele Bündchen ! - August 29th, 2008

Yes I fancied Catherine in “Zorro”,
Claire came in “Meet Joe Black”,
Monica was “Under Suspicion”,
Madonna in the 80’s and Sharon Stone!
I didn’t know how to tell you this
So I went on and started writing
Hoping one day you’ll forgive me
If not, then I’ll be gone
To the world you’re a supermodel
A goddess whether dressed or nude
Ah… don’t get me started
To me you’re a world of my own
On the cover of every magazine,
“The One” commercial and “E!”
In bed we make out in my dreams
Yet my love for you remains unknown
I swear my heart is yours
But if I tell you I’ll be another fan
I’m in pain and so much jealous
Oh please I want you for myself alone

You don’t know how long I waited
Or how many times I tried
I’m afraid you’ll never know
This very thought chills to the bone

Denied Love ! - August 1st, 2008

You try to put yourself asleep
Your eyes smile then you weep
You stumble in the night
At the time it’s broad daylight
You fix yourself something to eat
But don’t know if it’s sour or sweet
You check the dial tone all week
By the phone with a hand on the cheek
You hear the clock ticking on the wall
Every second takes a bite of your soul
You feel trapped between a ceiling and a floor
Locked on your patio with no window or door

You turn yourself in to a fantasy and dream
But you wake up on the nightmare and scream
You reach out for help, you can’t breathe
As your denied love continues to sheathe !

i.e. ! - August 1st, 2008

It felt like
A candle with a wish
A melody with a dream
A touch with a plea
It was full of desire;
i.e. your lips!
It felt like
A fresh rose flirting with a leaf
A tender light nibbling with a beat
A drop of dew cuddling with a breeze

It left me wondering
Could that be just a kiss?

Taboo Night ! - July 14th, 2008

Jealousy whipped the sky
The moon blushed ink
The sun tumbled shy
Bodies on fire
Stirring heat
Breathing desire
Nude in G-strings
Dressed in vanity
Crowned on wings
Beauties in war
Thirsty lips for lust
Striving eyes for hardcore

Souls mating with colognes
Bodies shivering; take me home
Hearts having orgasms of their own

Lolita - June 20th, 2008

When I first saw her I spilled my coffee
She was wrapped in a see-through bouquet
Her eyes were the color of toffee
Her hair brought the night to my soiree
She drew a painting of a rice paddy
I bought her the collection “Stacks of Hay”
Her friends called me Sugar Daddy
The poor girl couldn’t afford a Monet
With her top down she drove my Ferrari
A nude predator on a hunt for prey
I know you all said I’ll be sorry
but she really took my breath away
Once I asked her if we’d ever marry
She smiled and said I prefer to play
To some this may sound scary
but I just loved her more each day

I send her the moon when I worry
to lead her back all the way
Last time a cold breeze returned in a hurry
brought me tears then led my life astray !

Love Story - June 8th, 2008

My friends tell me she was trouble
She was too young for a man with a son
They even say my feelings for her are a bubble
I try to answer but I choose to run
It all started in a hot afternoon
I was captured by her blue eyes
In one I swear I could frame the moon
and in the other I just saw the sunrise
She walks nude down the beach
The summer breeze comes for a cuddle
Desperately the sea tries to reach
She rides her horse away without a saddle
She sets the fashion with her style
She pushes the boundaries so wild
Then she turns around with a smile
and makes me feel loved like a child 

All went well until heaven came down in tears
I broke her heart but I had to set myself free
I chose a love story to live through us for years
over marriage that may spoil such memory !!!

Ambivalence - June 5th, 2008

I know you love me in a way
but let’s not pretend you really care
A part of me wishes you’d ask me to stay
but tonight is all I can spare
I indulge your senses as I undress you
and wear nothing but a smile
Then maintain one kiss to enchant you
and make out for awhile
We fell into each other’s arms like prey
and submit to desires within
You promise me the stars in a bouquet
and ask me in tears to move in

When you wake up I’ll be gone
yet love will last forever
We’re destined to sleep alone
yet dreams still bring us together !!!

Happy New Me ! - April 11th, 2008

Tell me you miss me more than words can say
then undress me with your lips
Tell me your heart aches for I took it away
then caress me with your hips

Tell me your love grows everyday
then obsess me with a kiss
Tell me Happy Birthday
then possess me
with a wish

A Wish - April 9th, 2008

– “Did you miss me my dear?”
I answer without delay:
“No, I just wish you were here!”
– “Do you love me my dear?”
Huh, what a cliché!
– “I can’t hear you; your voice is not clear!”
– “Would you forgive me my dear?!”
I remain silent and look away
for my eye just shed a tear!

I see two hug and kiss
I sigh then stare in my dish
for all I can do is… wish!

Muffled Cry - February 29th, 2008

How could a smile become a sign?
How could a body end up so divine?
How could a chest become my shrine?
How could a broken heart turn out fine?
How could a kiss taste better than wine?
How could a dream relive across a deadline?

Oh help me God for I muffle a cry…
“How could I not pray for that love to be mine?!!”

Father to Father - Feb 12th, 2008

We were never close you & I
At first I was just a child
Then to you I was too wild
You I used to criticize
until recently I got to realize
You I grew up to idealize
You always took me beneath your wing
But it took me too long to comprehend
All the time you were my only true friend

Happy Birthday father!

All That I Am - Feb 6th, 2008

All that I am is what you make of me
All that I am is what you cannot see
All that I am is love to unfold
All that I am is a dream to behold
All that I am is a willow that will bend
All that I am is a story without end
All that I am is enough said
All that I am is for you to wed

by C. A. Tetro
& Hassaan Abdeen

Naughty - September 28th, 2007

You sense my desire
as I caress your butt
Then I put you on fire
though you smell like a slut

The addiction between us lingers
as I touch you with my tips
I erect you between my fingers
before you come between my lips

You fulfill nicotine passion
You’re a naughty cigarette !
I write poetry in fashion
I challenge readers to outwit !

Vanity of A Poet - September 22nd, 2007

I who made of you a legend to live by
 I who possess a heart so wild to die
 I who erect words nude ain’t shy
 I who fought love into wars cry
 I who wrote hundred poems
 with quills of tears not ink
 you got wet then ran dry
 I who celebrate victory
 with vanity & pride
 long for your lips
 so why not call
 & even better
 why not fly
 or drop


Legacy of Grief - September 11th, 2007

Ares has lost,
 hence Eros is to die !!!

In a state of disbelief
 In a state of self-denial
 Zeus went down on his knees

The moon abandoned the sky
 The sun plunged in the seas
 Olympia heard Aphrodite cry

Athena stutters “One more try!”
 “Let there be mercy!”, Hades pleas
 Love surrendered to be seized

A successive legacy of grief
 A punishment passed without trial
 A heart turned to autumn leaves

It’s over Pegasus,

 hence carry me and fly !!!

Don’t Cry for Me Bahrain - September 7th, 2007

Don’t cry for me Bahrain
 First time we drove in the rain
 Even had sex on the way and came
 Long kisses followed in chain
 Love so big I can’t explain

Don’t cry for me Bahrain
 Last time drove dancing insane
 with an over doze of love not cocaine
 Wrote “I Love You” but in vain
 for then my heart got slain

Don’t cry for me Bahrain
 This time memories still remain
 I fear it’s me who’s crying, what a shame
 Spare me God, I’m in so much pain

 A sip of Vodka lit the flame

Red Wine - September 2nd, 2007

a sip of blood-red wine
a sip of cherry lips
a body so divine
but I offer a kiss
nag or whine
you can only wish

Kiss and Tell - August 31st, 2007

I received your message on my cell
Far away from Cape Town you fell
Be warned I have no mercy
Now you’re under my spell
 Next week we shall meet in a hotel
 I booked us a room at Novotel
I mourned hearts swept by the sea
Your eyes are next to cry & yell

for I make love then kiss farewell

Power of a smile! - August 27th, 2007

Crazy !
for surrendering for a while
for picking the phone and dial
for lending thoughts of my mind
for revealing how I feel and unwind

for getting obsessed with your smile !!

1001 Nights - Aug 19th, 2007

Like a tulip your hands caressed my cheeks
as your eyes carried out the speech
Then you whispered into my ear
“I’ll take this time the lead”

It took your lips to stamp a kiss
for my soul to give in to thee
You were dressed in edible undies
Your hands were my fig leaf

Later you took away my breath
with divine desires I cannot confess
Eternally 1001 nights continue to live

along with my heart that beats "Ich liebe dich" !